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Social Media Tips to Increase Takeaway/Delivery Sales

Its great that you have pivoted your restaurant or cafe to do Takeaway or Delivery only but don't forget to get the message out...

Emily Levins, Account Director for The Cru Media has put together a great list of actionable points for restaurants, cafes and any hospitality business that is effected by the COVID-19 restrictions on trade to help update their social media presence. We have listed them above and add a few...

Hospitality Ideas to Increase Revenue under COVID-19 Restrictions

As they say when the going gets tough the tough get going... which is easier to say than do in this unprecedented time of turmoil in the COVID-19 Corona Virus pandemic.

Today at 12pm restrictions on hospitality venues took place only allowing these premisses to supply take away or delivery options to their customers, this obviously effects 90% of our customers so we started looking for ideas for them.

Above is an infographic we pulled together using some info from a Forward Thinking Design post and our own team, we hope it inspires you to find new revenue streams to support your business.

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Paella Pan User and Care Guide


Before first use remove all labelling and wash in warm to hot soapy water to remove any packing residue and the manufacturers anti-rust coating, better still bring some water to the boil and add some cider vinegar and clean.

    Paella Pan Size's and Serving Guide

    Mr Chop's Paella Pan Size and Serving Guide

    Paella is synonymous with bringing people together en mass to share a meal, much like our Aussie BBQ, for laid back occasions with family and friends. The trick is knowing how much to make, read on to check out our helpful guide on selecting the right pan for the job.

    Cooking Paella Basic Principles

    Mr Chop Paella ingredients

    Paella is the generic name for 200+ rice dishes originating in Valencia, Spain. So as yo can imagine there are thousands of recipes out there all with do’s and don’ts attached to them from home cooks to celebrity chefs but there are some basic principles that need to be followed to create a beautiful Paella.