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Paella Pan User and Care Guide

Mr Chop Paella Pan Care


Caring for and using your Paella Pan:

  • Before first use remove all labelling and wash in warm to hot soapy water to remove any packing residue and the manufacturers anti-rust coating, better still bring some water to the boil and add some cider vinegar and clean.
  • Dry thoroughly and coat with a thin layer of oil to seal, a small amount on some paper towel will do the trick
  • Never place an empty pan on direct heat, heat slowly and control the heat at all times
  • Only use metal or wooden utensils as your pan gets extremely hot and plastic/silicon utensils are not up for the job
  • After use, soak in warm soapy water for about an hour and then clean thoroughly, you can leave soaking overnight if there are stubborn stains...
  • Dry straight away, never leave to air dry as it will rust (except the non-stick models)
  • If you do get any rust spots over time, remove with steel wool and clean and re-season with oil
  • Once clean and dry apply a thin coat of olive oil with some paper towel
  • Your pan will take on a seasoned appearance which is totally normal
  • Make sure any excess oil is wiped away, you only need a very little 

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