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Mantova Dunnage Racks
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Mantova Dunnage Racks

Dunnage Rack shelving is used to store heavy items off the floor by 150mm + in line with the Food Standards Code (Division 5) requirements. Dunnage racks are found in cool room storage and dry store areas and are essential in the food service industry.

Used for unpacking pallets of goods onto so as to eliminate the risk of wood (the pallet if not plastic) or any other material where germs could be harboured out of the food storage area, especially if there is a chance of moisture being present.

2 options exist for the Mantova range of Dunnage Racks, stainless steel version recommended use in low and high-risk areas as determined by the Food Authority such as cool rooms and areas where food is being prepared and a galvanised steel version for dry goods areas.

Each unit can hold loads up to 400kg using post style dunnage shelving. For loads in excess of 400kg use the fully welded dunnage rack. Both styles are available in 2 tiers.

SHELF LENGTHS 600, 750, 900, 1050, 1200, 1350, 1500, 1650, 1800mm

SHELF DEPTHS 450, 525 and 600mm

POST HEIGHT 200mm achieves 150mm of ground clearance

SHELVES 25 x 25mm Square Tube Designed to withstand heavy loading

FINISHES Zinc Lacquered Polished Stainless Steel

OPTIONS Heavy Duty Stainless Disc Foot or Castors fully welded for loads in excess of 400kg
Notes: - Addition of central support leg for 1500, 1650 and 1800mm lengths - Available in 2 tier standard post style and 2 tier fully welded - Fully Welded Dunnage Shelf also available

Mantova Dunnage Racks

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