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Mr Chop Matrix Manager

Do you own or run a busy restaurant, café or bar?

What do you do when the dishwasher breaks down?
Who do you call when the cool room or refrigerator goes on the fritz in the middle of summer?
How do your staff let you know when something breaks down and how long does it take them?


Introducing the Mr Chop Matrix Manager

Mr Chop Equipment Matrix Manager QR Code

At Mr Chop we have the answer to these and many more costly issues that we have addressed with our new subscription service, Mr Chop Matrix Manager.

Through QR code technology, we can link every piece of your equipment to our system using its own unique code. The interactive log enables the user to report a fault, raise an issue and ask a question in real time.

If you or your staff have a smart phone, you have the solution. Simply scan the QR code, put in the unique 4-digit pin and you’re in!


Easy as 1-2-3

The Mr Chop Matrix Manager is a direct line to Mr Chop HQ, where you can raise an issue or ask question on that particular item simply by entering the issue to the log, this will automatically trigger an email to be sent to Mr Chop HQ, you and whoever else you need to be alerted of the problem - instantly.

No more time and money wasted; no more worry and confusion and most importantly, getting you back to business faster.


A solution tailored to your needs

Depending on your service level tier, the Mr Chop HQ Team will arrange a technician to get to the venue ASAP, and update all on an ETA.

Mr Chop Matrix Manager also has the functionality to manage all future maintenance events automatically helping avoid costly faults and breakdowns and to prevent those nasty surprises.

Subscriptions to Mr Chop Matrix Manager acts as an interactive insurance policy for each piece of equipment, at $2.5/month* for each item it pays for itself with the first issue reported.


It’s quick to get set up with the Matrix Manager.

Enter your details below and we’ll do the rest. We’ll come to you, log all your equipment and show your staff how easy it is use. It’s that simple!


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*Subscriptions to the Mr Chop Matrix Manager are billed monthly, with direct debit from Bank/Credit Card charged for all repairs and maintenance events.